U.S Embassy hosts reception to celebrate U.S National Day in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD, Jul 3 (APP):U.S Embassy in Islamabad hosted a festive reception to celebrate the 248th anniversary of the independence of the United States of America. 
Held under the theme of ‘Made in the USA,’ the event was an opportunity to underscore the enduring partnership between the United States and Pakistan and reaffirm the two nations’ commitment to build a more prosperous future for their citizens.
Ahsan Iqbal, Minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives, graced the event as the chief guest. 
The evening brought together distinguished guests from Pakistan’s government, corporate sector, academia, civil society, and diplomatic community to commemorate the shared values of freedom, democracy, and economic prosperity between the United States and Pakistan.  
  The event was a vibrant occasion filled with American cultural elements, including music, food, and traditions that reflect the rich diversity of the United States. A dazzling display of fireworks further enhanced the celebratory mood. 
United States and Pakistan share a long history of partnership spanning multiple areas of cooperation.  In the infrastructure and energy sectors, this collaboration is exemplified by several major dams constructed in Pakistan with U.S. support.
In the private sector, dozens of U.S. companies employ hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis and provide critical research and development assets. Pakistan’s education and health sectors are also strengthened through U.S. assistance. 
United States is proud to be Pakistan’s largest export market; Pakistanis benefit tremendously from this trade relationship by supplying billions of dollars worth of exports to the U.S market annually.
Meanwhile, the U.S.-Pakistan “Green Alliance” Framework is a transformative initiative to strengthen Pakistan’s climate resilience and support its efforts for clean energy transformation.
In his remarks, U.S. Ambassador Donald Blome noted the promising trajectory of the bilateral relationship, saying: “While at times we have had to tackle great challenges – such as floods, war, a pandemic, economic setbacks – those of us who have worked together to strengthen this relationship have always recognized the partnership is, and has always been, part of a longer journey toward increased prosperity and security for our two nations, and that each step of this journey has been important.” 
The reception underscored the strength of the U.S.-Pakistan bilateral relationship, highlighting the shared commitment to deepening economic ties, promoting cultural exchange, and fostering collaboration in areas of mutual interest. As the United States celebrates its independence, the two countries pledged to continue working together to address shared challenges and seize opportunities for a brighter future.