UAE artificial rain experts calls on CM Punjab

UAE artificial rain experts calls on CM Punjab

LAHORE, JAN 17 (DNA) — Members of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) team, who orchestrated artificial rainfall in Lahore recently, called on Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi at his office on Wednesday. The CM greeted the team members, expressing gratitude individually during the meeting.

Among those present were Ahmed Al Kamal, Head of Cloud Seeding for the UAE NCM Team, Pilot Col. Obaid Halaf, Pilot Michael Anstis, Head of Cloud Seeding Department Abdullah Al Haman, Arnold Ningala and Verglottoledolato.

CM Naqvi recognised their efforts by presenting certificates of appreciation and commemorative shields to each member and conveyed his thanks for successfully bringing artificial rain to Lahore, marking a historic event in Pakistan.

He emphasized that the nation would always remember this successful experience, which was a culmination of 12 years of efforts to achieve artificial rain in Punjab, including Lahore. The first artificial rain in Lahore was not only celebrated in Pakistan but gained recognition worldwide, he added.

The names of the UAE team members have now become a part of Pakistan’s history. The CM expressed that the UAE team was ready to bring artificial rain again, but unfavorable weather conditions hindered their efforts.

Despite the challenges, the UAE team’s two-month stay in Lahore exemplified the strong bonds of brotherhood, he said. Highlighting the environmental benefits, the CM further stated that artificial rain is a cutting-edge technology capable of reducing environmental pollution and enhancing production.

He bid farewell to the UAE team with gratitude and appreciation.  Provincial Minister Bilal Afzal, chairman planning and development, secretary EPD, chief meteorologist, army aviation officers, director environment protection, commissioner Lahore and others were also present. — DNA