Uber quits app in Pakistan; to operate through subsidiary brand Careem

Uber quits app in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, APR 30: Uber said on Tuesday that it had made the decision to cease operating its ride-hailing app in Pakistan. “We’ve made the decision to cease operating the Uber app in Pakistan,” a spokesperson for Uber told Dawn.com.

“Our subsidiary brand Careem will continue to operate, with the Careem app offering ride-hailing services across Pakistan and earning opportunities for drivers,” the spokesperson added.

In 2019, Uber had acquired its rival Careem for $3.1 billion. The two companies had said they would continue to operate their respective regional services and independent brands.

In October 2022, Uber had ceased operations in Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Islamabad. It had decided to operate in the five cities through Careem and through the Uber app in Lahore.

In an email sent to users in Lahore today, Uber said it had made the “difficult decision to no longer offer the Uber app services in Lahore as of April 30”.

“Ride-hailing services will continue to be offered through our subsidiary brand Careem and you will have the option to sign up and request a trip on Careem to have a seamless experience,” the email read.

“In light of this, Careem Rides may reach out to you to check in and sign up. Please fill the form provided below by May 3, 2024 if you do not want your details to be shared with Careem.

“If you currently hold Uber Cash balance in your Uber Wallet, we will be communicating with you in due course on the process for reclaiming your Uber Cash balance,” it said as users were also offered a 50 per cent discount on five rides with Careem.

Users in Lahore who tried to access the app were met with the message: “Uber no longer in Lahore”. They were also told they could use Careem to avail 50 per cent off on five rides with code LHR50.