Umer Sharif Lands Us Visa For Medical Treatment In Absentia


KARACHI: Veteran comedian Umer Sharif has Thursday finally received his US Visa after the consulate exempted him from being physically present for the interview today and now he’s likely to board the flight at the earliest to get treated.

Karachi administrator Murtaza Wahab announced the US Consulate has awarded the legendary comedian medical visa despite his absence and inability to be present before them.

Earlier today, Murtaza Wahab posted a set of tweets from his official Twitter handle announcing the development taking place in the Umer Sharif medical visa case as the Sharif had been fighting deteriorating health condition and his family had just recently reached out to the provincial government for aid.

Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab announced that the visa interviews of the veteran comedian Umer Sharif family have taken place today.

US embassy exempts Umer Sharif’s physical presence for visa application

He said he is happy to inform that visa interviews have taken place today without perpetually sick Omer Sharif having to be present before the consulate.

“Very grateful to US consulate for exempting the presence of Omer bhai for issuance of visa,” the city administrator said.