Unipolar Order in Disorder

Unipolar Order in Disorder

Dr M Ali Hamza

In the midst of the global focus on the conflict between Gaza and Israel, a significant geopolitical development is unfolding, largely overlooked by mainstream media. Over the past few days, the Russian President has drawn a monumental red line, marking a transformative shift in the unipolar order that the United States has maintained since World War II. Infact, the Putin’s moves over the past few days are bigger than anything he has done since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Before getting in to details of it, first look into the US active preparation for war in middle east, and at the same time giving a noteworthy disregardto Ukrainian president Zalinski who is increasingly looking unhinged as in his one of the interviews Zalinski said “I am repeating in these 2 years if it will not be enough for them, it will not be enough because Syria was not enough, they began in Ukraine and after Ukraine in Middle east, they will continue their plan”. What Zalinski wants to say? Sorry, but you need cocaine to interpret what Zalinski actually wants to say or Mr. Zalinski seems having insufficient knowledge of recent history where western powers expressed their aggressive tendency of being expansionists.

The US pentagon just admitted that the funding of Ukraine is almost gone; in other words,US is taking funding away from Ukraine and instead sending it to Israel. Doesn’t it feel to be kicked to the curb and promises of billion dollars support to Ukrainehas vanished. In fact, the pentagon was just about to send 400 million USD but instead whittle it down to 125 million USD and saying it is drying up. News reports in last few weeks show that western leaders are getting sick of Zalinski. It means all those Ukrainian politicians that got so rich off of American taxpayers’money and bought million dollars houses in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Portug and Monaco will have their money cut off soon. Basically, USA and other westerns have admitted that there is no way that Ukraine wins this war and peace talks is the only way.  But Zalinski doesn’t seem interested in peace talks and want every Ukrainian to die for the country that is why he asked this week to change and compromise on the military recruitment standards once again and officially cancelled the Ukrainian elections; desperate people do desperate things.

Now getting back to President Putin really stunning moves that caught the West totally off guard. Firstly,Mr Putin removed Russia from the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-ban Treaty (CTBT). This is basically a threat of nuclear use without explicitly issuing a direct threat of their use. Putin’s approval of thisratification law was posted then on government website which says that the decision took immediate effect. Russai’s Duma; lower house and Federation Council; upper house, has unanimously approved it.It means Russia could literally test nuclear weapons something it hasn’t done since 1990. Russia’s underline message to the west is ‘hey, times been changed. We are nuclear power that just destroyed NATO forces in Ukraineand now don’t tell us what to do with our nuclear power’.

Secondly, as US Congress gave Biden the power to go to war with Iran, is basically a message that if the war expands and Hezbollah opens up a second front in the north against Israel in a substantial way to overwhelm iron dome then we should hit the Islamic Republic of Iran. While all of this adding up, Russia’sforeign minter clearly said that “supplies to and from Iran of products falling under Missile Technology Control Regime no longer require prior approval by the UN Security Council”.Here we go, the US domination is outspokenly challenged. Remember that Russia has grown close to Iran since invading Ukraine in February 2022 and itself being shunned by the West.Alongside Putin’s meeting Chinese premier, few weeks ago where President Putin was flanked by soldiers carrying the nuclear codes briefcase was a show of solidarity with China for their Belt and Road Initiative.

Now the question is, whether west is sincere to stop bloodshed and not let the war grow? The loss of 11,000 innocent lives in just one month, coupled with instances of soldiers planting the Israeli flag in Gaza, provide enough ground to crop the war in the region, so penetrating the appearances of western efforts seem mala-fide. While mainstream Western media and opinion makers focuses on condemning the inhumane act of October 07, which indeed is, it often overlooks the broader context of Palestinian suffering, encompassing forced displacements, arbitrary detentions, home demolitions, and restricted movement, forced by Israel and supported by West for over a century. This western disparity highlights the need to shake the order and that is what Russia and its allies seem interested in.

These are the witnessing times where the US led global world order fracturing before our eyes. The unipolar order is in disorder, and westerns have to realize that times are gone when you come and you conquer, now you got to face the consequences.