Unregistered BMW becomes a thorn in Imran Ismail’s side


KARACHI, NOV 21 (DNA) – The governor of Sindh isn’t very happy. The province’s chief minister, with whom he is often at odds, has some ammunition against him in the form of an unregistered car.

A black BMW was spotted in Governor Imran Ismail’s protocol bearing what is called a “fake” licence plate. The plate, which was black, unlike the official yellow Karachi licence plates, bore the registration number AAA-786, a private television channel reported Thursday.

But when you check on the Sindh Excise and Taxation department’s website, this licence plate is registered to a 1995 model Toyota Saloon owned by a man named Hussain Ahmed. That means it isn’t the car’s actual licence plate. To top it all of, the car’s tax hasn’t been paid either. =DNA