US Presidential Election 2024: Biden, Trump locked in tight battle as campaigns heat up

US Presidential Election 2024: Biden, Trump locked in tight battle as campaigns heat up

WASHINGTON, JUL 6: As the 2024 US presidential election approaches, Joe Biden and Donald Trump emerge as the main candidates once again after facing each other in the previous polls.

Both candidates are facing significant challenges, including legal issues for Trump and voter concerns over Biden’s age and policy record.

As per the source, Trump — representing the Republican Party — is leading against Biden, who is representing the Democratic Party in the latest polling averages. The former president is leading with 46% of the vote, while the current president bags 44% of the average vote.

Following the first presidential debate between both candidates on June 27, Biden’s performance in the debate undermined his candidacy in the forthcoming elections.

Biden has been criticised over high inflation, major industrial policy bills, and international issues during his presidency. Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, attempted to overturn his 2020 election loss; he faces federal charges for his alleged role in participating in the scheme and has been convicted of a felony relating to his 2016 presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, Trump has been an active member of the Republican Party, issuing endorsements in elections across the country. His campaign focuses on themes similar to his previous campaign, emphasising issues such as immigration, economic growth, and national security.

Biden’s campaign for the second term is simple: “They should vote for him because he’s not Trump.” He has promised to protect US democracy, pass laws for abortion rights, support global alliances and treaties, and meet climate targets in the second term.

Upcoming events
Jul 15 — Republican National Convention

Aug 19 — Democratic National Convention

Sep 10 — Second presidential debate

Nov 5 — Election day

Jan 6, 2025 — Results certification

Jan 20, 2025 — Inauguration