USAT Optional for University Admissions, Clarifies HEC   



ISLAMABAD, JUN 25: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) / Education Testing Council (ETC) has introduced the Undergraduate Studies Admissions Test (USAT) as a standardized tool for assessing student admissions to universities. USAT is designed to ensure quality in the admissions process by evaluating academic aptitude.

It has been noticed that there is misinformation circulating regarding the USAT. It is clarified that while HEC recommends USAT to universities, it is not mandatory for institutions to accept USAT scores. Each university retains the autonomy to decide whether to adopt USAT or conduct its own admission tests.

HEC encourages universities to consider USAT as a valuable option for admissions assessment. However, the decision to use USAT rests solely with each university. All stakeholders are urged to understand this clarification to avoid any misunderstandings about the application of USAT in university admissions across Pakistan.      

For further information and updates, please visit the HEC website or contact HEC ETC office directly.