Usman Mukhtar has a message for Pakistanis attending weddings


Pakistani actor Usman Mukhtar has reminded Pakistanis to practice social distancing every time they attend a wedding.

In an Instagram post that is guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention, the Sabaat actor said he sees people on social media dancing really close to each without caring about contracting the novel coronavirus.

“Care about yourself and if not yourself then the unsuspecting people around you who you’re going to give the virus to. This is life and death. Please be cautious,” he wrote.

Mukhtar himself contracted the virus in October and recovered in the first week of November.

Recently, Mukhtar’s short film Bench was screened at Cannes International Film Festival. The Embassy of Pakistan in France broke the news on Twitter.

The film won an award at the South Shore Film Festival in New York in July and was nominated before that in the best short film category at the Independent Short Awards festival in Los Angeles, USA.