Utility Stores Corporation’s PM Ramzan Relief Package 2024 to start from 5th of March, to last till Chand Raat


Islamabad, MAR 5 /DNA/ – Once again, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced a subsidy of PKR 7.5 Billion for this Ramzan like the previous year in 2023. Utility Stores Corporate will deliver this subsidy to the people of Pakistan across country through its network. 19 basic items of daily use including atta, ghee, edible oil, sugar, daalchana, chickpeas, baisan, dates, rice, tea, spices, milk and mashroobatwill be provided on subsidized rates under the package announced by the federal government. Seeing the convenience of the people during Ramzan, Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan will ensure the delivery of all food items as per PMT-40 instead of PMT-60. This time this subsidy will be awarded to the pro-poor and average families registered under BISP; whereas 20 billion people will take advantage of the subsidy due to PMT-60.

As a result of subsidy by Federal Government, atta of 10KG will be available at Rs. 648, Ghee per KG Rs. 365, Sugar per KG Rs. 109, whereas special subsidy on these items such as Rs. 25 on edible oil per liter, Rs. 25 on daalchana per kg, Rs. 25 on chickpeas (white), Rs. 50 on Baisan per kg, Rs. 50 on dates per kg, Rs. 25 on Basmati rice per kg, Rs. 25 on Silla rice per kg, Rs. 25 on Tota rice per kg, Rs. 100 on 800gm tea, Rs. 30 on tetra pack milk. Spices and mashroobat will also be delivered on subsidized rates which is undoubtedly an initiative for the welfare for the relief of a common man. It’s the priority of the current government to provide 20 KGatta, 5Kg Ghee, 5Kg sugar, and 3Kg rice to the registered BISP people under PMT-60. There is no limit of purchase is there on other items.

Moreover, visit utility stores website http://usc.org.pk/ramazan/subsidy/score/search to know your eligibility. Those who are not registered under BISP program, they should immediately contact regional BISP office or visit Utility Stores outlet having BISP registration counter.
Apart from BISP registered consumers, the Utility Stores Corporation has made arrangements to provide special subsidies on items of everyday use for the general public with the help of vendors and suppliers.
A monitoring cell has been established in head office for monitoring of the package, which will help people address their issue through use of technology. The vigilance has been made effective for the transparency of the package; and multiple vigilance teams will monitor the whole process across Pakistan so all the benefits of Ramzan package can be conveyed to the common man. The management and workers of Utility Stores Corporation of Pakistan is engaged in serving the people at its best. Call on 0800-05590.