Uzbek ambassador briefs students about upcoming parliamentary elections


ISLAMABAD, NOV 26 (DNA) -Upcoming Parliamentary Elections in Uzbekistan on 22th December 2019 are expected to be significant political event towards further democratization of Uzbek society that reflects main priorities of the President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s policy and democratic reforms said Furqat Sidikov Ambassador of Uzbekistan while briefing the students of Bahira University.

The ambassador further said, this upcoming political process attracts the interest of many experts and media of Pakistan in order to deeply study all changes in Uzbekistan.

Bahria University students specialized in Central Asian studies are deemed as future regional experts and diplomats that can play in perspective significant role in further understanding and deepening Uzbekistan-Pakistan relations both in political and economic areas, the ambassador added.

During the session the embassy staff presented information on political system of Uzbekistan, on ongoing reforms in political, social, economical and judicial areas that were initiated by the President of Uzbekistan.

Students and experts of the University were keen to deeply study all current political processes in Uzbekistan, including current level of Uzbekistan-Pakistan relationships.

Embassy of Uzbekistan to Pakistan expressed its gratefulness to Professor Adam Saud for jointly organizing said significant and core important event in Islamabad.=DNA