Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to Kabul: Bilateral Trade Growing

Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to Kabul: Bilateral Trade Growing

KABUL: Yadgar Shadmanov, Uzbekistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan, in the Afghanistan-Uzbekistan business connectivity meeting, said that Tashkent’s relations with Kabul are developing in the areas of trade and economy.

Shadmanov added that Tashkent has had necessary cooperation in the sectors of economy, trade, transit, transport, energy, and humanitarian aid for the people of Afghanistan.

This Uzbek official also emphasized that the Afghan government has taken positive steps in securing safety and has established friendly relations with neighboring countries.
The Afghanistan-Uzbekistan business connectivity meeting was held in Kabul with the aim of developing trade between the two countries.

The Uzbek Ambassador to Afghanistan in this meeting said: “In general, it should be noted that we must have intensive and reliable working meetings between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan that mostly assist the relations between the two countries.”

“We had a proposal for Afghanistan that currently there are many spinning factories in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan itself cannot produce cotton for these machines, we want Afghanistan to work on cotton fields so we can transfer cotton from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan,” said Erkin Malikov, the head of the Uzbek Exporters Association.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment also said that the Islamic Emirate and Uzbekistan should have a permanent joint exhibition and also address the visa issues of businessmen by Uzbekistan.

“Wherever you want to organize an exhibition, we are ready to have a permanent joint exhibition with you; however, we kindly ask you to convey our issue to your Minister of Foreign Affairs and your high-ranking members,” said Mohammad Younus Momand, deputy head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

“Afghanistan is like the heart in Central Asia, good relations of Afghanistan with neighbors and Afghanistan can create good economic conditions between South Asia and Central Asia,” Khairuddin Mayel, the Deputy head of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said that the amount of exports to Uzbekistan should also be increased.

The deputy of the ministry Qudratullah Jamal emphasized that currently, the conditions for investment by Uzbek investors in the country has been prepared.

The deputy of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on this matter said: “We want to have good trade and political relations with all countries, especially with neighboring countries, particularly Uzbekistan; we want to have strong trade relations.”

This is while on October 29, 2023, a delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan had come to Afghanistan and signed contracts worth 1.2 billion dollars in Afghanistan.