Visit of Saudi delegation will be a milestone for Pakistan’s economy: Atif Ikram Shaikh

Saudi Foreign Minister to visit Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, APR 15 /DNA/ – President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Atif Ikram Shaikh termed the visit of the Saudi delegation as a milestone for the economy and hoped that it happens in response to the recent visit of Prime Minister of Pakistan’s to the capital of the brotherly kingdom. The focus is on a positive continuation of the investment projects inPakistan. The pledge to complete the five billion dollar investment trail would soon begin restoring the confidence of investors from all over the world.

Atif Sheikh said investment of this denomination from the platform of the SIFC in the Reco Deq prospect was a positive step for the bolstering the economy. The role of the Investment Council is significant and timely, he added. There is a need for a framework to help widen the possibilities of cooperation in different fields of the economy.

President Federation Atif Ikram said that Pakistan has vast potential to augment investment-driven relations with Saudi Arabia in sectors like textile, pharmaceutical, rice, leather, dairy farming etc. It is bound to play a supporting role for the welfare of the people in the two brotherly countries,  he concluded.