Vote for both ‘lion’ and ‘eagle’ on Feb 8, Aleem Khan asks masses

Vote for both ‘lion’ and ‘eagle’ on Feb 8, Aleem Khan asks masses

Lahore: Istehkam-e- Pakistan Party (IPP) President Abdul Aleem Khan on Sunday asked the people to vote for both ‘’lion’’ and ‘’eagle’’ in the forthcoming elections, slated to happen on February 8.

Addressing the public gathering on Lahore’s Habibullah Road (Garhi Shahu), Aleem Khan said, ‘’Even we provide free medical treatment to opponents.’’

Aleem Khan said, ‘’We are bringing women empowerment programmes. Both of my sons will also serve the masses’’.

‘’I have always served with honesty, so it is up to you [masses] to give me the response in the same way on February 8,’’ said the IPP president.

Aleem Khan expressed his resolve to put all-out efforts in implementing his party’s manifesto.

Addressing the public gathering in Lahore’s Nain Sukh area, Aleem Khan said, ‘’The politics are meant to serve the masses. We will develop the Nain Sukh area and address the problems related to the sewerage in this area.’’

‘’The people of Nain Sukh are facing hardships. We will provide relief to them,’’ he said.