VUI- a new challenge


The world was battling COVID 19 when a new virus emerged. British scientists had already alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) about a new strain of coronavirus, calling the virus VUI-202012/01 (short for the first “variant under investigation” in December 2020). It is said to cause 23 different mutations in human body. 62% of new cases in London are related to the virus, which has reached three more countries other than the United Kingdom.

Fifty countries have suspended all passenger flights from Britain until January 01, due to the threat posed by the new virus. According to the World Health Organization, after the United Kingdom, nine such cases have been reported in Denmark, a number of others in the Netherlands, two in Australia, and one case has been diagnosed in Singapore. In light of this situation, scientists around the world are trying to determine whether the vaccines developed so far will be effective against this new virus, with global experts warning that the next six months could be the worst for COVID-19, as it is fear that 30 million people will die.


Coronavirus’ new variant-VUI has caused panic across Europe, with people fleeing the UK, but other countries have imposed travel bans. The World Health Organization has already instructed European countries to take steps to prevent a new outbreak in Britain. A spokesman for WHO Europe said scientists were trying to determine if the new strain could spread more rapidly, the disease could be serious in humans and whether vaccines would be effective against it? Most scientists were skeptical when British Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the presence of the new strain of the virus. However, as the situation has changed in the last few days, several scientists say that preventing this new epidemic could be a serious challenge.

The influx of VUI virus with coronavirus is a major challenge in the world. In this context, Pakistan which has been under second corona attack since early last month and is gradually intensifying these days may face severe difficulties while the majority of the population in the country is still not following the SOPs. We need to make SOPs a part of our daily routine to prevent the spread of new variant with the coronavirus. Several countries, including Britain, Germany and France, have again come to a complete lockdown and the UK has cut off air links with many countries, including Pakistan, and has also banned residents of other countries from entering the UK by land. Similarly, South Asian and Arab countries are now returning to lockdown, and until the coronavirus is completely eradicated, all countries will continue to adhere to SOPs.

The damage caused by the corona virus so far is one of the greatest tragedies in human history. More than 1.5 million people have been killed by the coronavirus until now, while the death toll in the affected countries, including Pakistan, has risen sharply and it has reached 9,500. A total of about 5 million people in the country have been infected with COVID-19. People were already scared of the spread of coronavirus, now report of possible arrival of a new variant and dangerous upsurge could also spread terror. The world is very worried about the deaths of COVID-19. In this context, if the reports of vaccine approval are considered, the situation seems to be particularly satisfactory. The Vaccine was given to several front line medical staff and arrangements are being made for its arrival and use in Pakistan as well. For this, the government has allocated Rs 1.5 billion.

Efforts by the Pakistan Ministry of Heath regarding coronavirus are encouraging, but there is a need for authorities and the Ministry of Health to be aware of the emergence of a new variant virus at the height of the second wave of COVID-19 and in its review report on the recent decline in the number of new cases, make the causes and results in part of the authentic data, because the people caught up in doubts and fears are in dire need of invaluable consolation and charity at this time. The growing death toll from COVID-19 could shake nation’s nervous stability and determination of frontline medical teams, therefore, the government must be determined to deal with the new Corona attack at all costs and take the nation into confidence, because it is impossible to fight the new COVID strain without the support of the people. The situation which is exacerbated by the gradual spread of the new coronavirus requires us to be fully committed to all possible precautions. We have to take care of the health of others as well because we now have to live with various coronavirus’ strains like the one being confirmed in South Africa recently. However, by making SOPs especially face masks, a part of our daily routine, we can save ourselves from major human tragedies.

Written by

Attiya Munawer