Weifang Kite Festival global celebration  of friendship, creativity: Amb Hashmi


Ambassador of Pakistan speaks at the Opening Ceremony of  41st Weifang International Kite Festival


Weifang :

Ambassador Khalil Hashmi attended the opening ceremony of the 41st Weifang International Kite Festival held in Weifang, China. This event, known globally for its celebration of kite culture, drew participants from diverse segments of the society, spread across multiple nationalities.

In his remarks at the opening ceremony, Ambassador Hashmi praised the Weifang International Kite Festival as a global celebration of friendship, creativity, and cultural exchange. He noted the festival’s ability to attract participants worldwide, showcasing  passion for kite culture.

Drawing parallels between Weifang and Pakistan, Ambassador Hashmi emphasized the cultural significance of kite flying in both countries. Ambassador Hashmi reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to strengthening economic and cultural ties with Weifang, particularly in the field of agriculture.

Prior to the ceremony, Ambassador also had a group interaction with Mayor Liu Jianjun, highlighted the strong ties between Weifang and Pakistan, and proposed mutually beneficial cooperation.

Weifang city, known as the kite capital of the world, hosts the international kite festival annually, attracting participation from diverse societal segments and many nationalities.