Weimar Triangle countries express solidarity with Ukraine

Weimar Triangle countries express solidarity with Ukraine

Ambassador Pisarski says Ukraine cannot be forgotten, nor can the significance of the war be overlooked


ISLAMABAD: Embassies of countries comprising the Weimar Triangle (Poland, France, Germany) and Ukraine joined hands in organizing a commemorative event dedicated to the Solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The gathering marked the second anniversary of an unprovoked Russian full-scale invasion against Ukraine. The documentary “Culture vs. War” and exhibition “Generations of War,” featuring works created by Ukrainian artists, were shown during the event which took place at the Poland’s Embassy grounds. Ambassadors: of Poland – Maciej Pisarski, Ukraine – Markiian Chuchuk, France – Nicolas Galey, Germany – Alfred Grannas addressed the participants.

The ambassadors highlighted the bravery of resistance shown by the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders throughout the course of the two-year conflict. They also underlined the sacrifices made by Ukraine’s Armed Forces in repelling Russian assault. The speakers also mentioned the devastation of homes, schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure, as well as the suffering of Ukrainians, including children.

Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine is an attack against the rules-based international order and its core elements, such as sovereignty and territorial integrity. It constitutes a dangerous precedent that cannot be left unanswered, as Ambassador Grannas stated. Therefore, the world community of responsible and peace-loving nations must vehemently oppose and confront any infringement of international law.

As Ambassador Pisarski underlined, Ukraine cannot be forgotten, nor can the significance of the war be overlooked. Russia`s strategy is to wear the defenders and those who help them down, to make them tired and to make the world forget so they can achieve their nefarious goals. Therefore, it is imperative to sustain backing for Ukraine’s endeavor to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity to determine its own course in the future. One of the priorities priority of the Weimar Triangle is to help Ukraine facing the Russian aggression as long as necessary. Supporting Ukraine is an investment in ensuring the security of Ukraine, Europe, and the world. It is a shared responsibility of the entire global community to aid Ukraine in resisting the illegal Russian invasion.

There is no “Ukraine fatigue”. There are no divisions among all those who, since the beginning of the aggression, have been on Ukraine’s side. We remain fully united and committed, and we will remain so – Ambassador Nicolas Galey pointed out.

The Ambassador Chuchuk, also referred to the attitude of his compatriots, stressing that despite being vastly outmatched by a nuclear-armed power with significantly larger economic and military resources, Ukraine has held its ground. Furthermore, he also highlighted President Zelenskyy’s Ten-point Peace Formula, a comprehensive plan to end the war including cessation of hostilities, food security, nuclear safety, energy security, justice, human rights, and respect for the UN Charter, which Ambassador Chuchuk emphasized as the sole viable peace offer.

The impacts of the war extend well beyond Ukraine’s boundaries, with its repercussions being experienced globally, including Pakistan. As Pakistan voice matters, Ambassador Chuchuk called for joining peaceful efforts that aligns with Pakistan’s commitment to upholding the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states. He concluded that with steadfast determination and continual international cooperation, peace can be achieved not just in Ukraine but all over the world.

Head of missions and diplomats from numerous countries based in Islamabad as well as representatives of Pakistani institutions, local experts, think-tank representatives, human rights activists, and journalists, attended the event.