We’re going out: Spanish kids reclaim streets after weeks indoors


MADRID, APR 26  –  After six weeks stuck at home, Spain’s children were allowed out Sunday to run, play or go for a walk as the government eased one of the world’s toughest coronavirus lockdowns.

Spain is among the hardest hit countries, with a death toll running at more than 23,000, putting it behind United States and Italy despite stringent restrictions imposed from March 14.

But unlike other countries, Spain’s children were kept indoors, with only adults allowed to leave the house to buy food, medicine, briefly walk the dog or seek urgent medical care.

On Sunday, Spanish children took to the streets of Madrid to enjoy their newfound freedom after weeks under lockdown.

Some rollerbladed while others rode bikes or pushed toy prams around, many wearing small masks to cover their faces.

The decision was made as Spain appeared to have got past the peak of the pandemic, reporting Sunday a daily death toll of 288, the lowest number since March 20.

All Spaniards will be allowed out for exercise and to take walks from next weekend, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Saturday.

The government will on Tuesday unveil its broader lockdown exit plan that will likely be put into action in the second half of May, he added.