Why morning walks are crucial?

Why morning walks are crucial?

Research showed that while exercise is good at any time, morning walks have some special perks for your heart and body.

Here are some key benefits of morning walks:

– Prevents Lifestyle Diseases –

Studies reveal that morning walks are highly effective in preventing or reducing symptoms of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid issues, and high blood pressure.

A combination of these conditions with high triglyceride levels and low good cholesterol can lead to metabolic syndrome, increasing the risk of heart disease.

– Regulates Blood sugar –

If you have diabetes, walking for 30 minutes each morning can help control high blood sugar levels. Walking helps cells use glucose more efficiently.

Additionally, losing at least 10% of your body weight, which can be achieved through calorie-burning morning walks, can also help manage diabetes.

– Burns body Fat –

Research shows that morning walks are very effective in burning fat, with 60% of calories burned coming from fat.

While high-intensity exercises may yield better overall fat loss, morning walks can improve your body shape by increasing your heart rate.

– Boosts Mental health –

Morning walks make you feel happy and set a positive tone for the day. A brisk walk releases endorphins, the “happy hormones,” which boost your mood.

Studies indicate that a 30-minute to an hour-long brisk walk significantly benefits those with depression.

Walking also improves memory and cognitive skills by increasing oxygen and blood flow to the brain, keeping it alert, and enhancing brain function.

– Strengthens Heart Health –

According to the American Heart Association, brisk walking for 30 minutes daily can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

This exercise helps reduce blood pressure, triglycerides, and bad cholesterol levels.

Walking for half an hour each morning, four to five times a week, can also prevent strokes, as per a report from the University of South Carolina.

– Improves body shape –

Regular morning walks enhance overall health and body shape. Experts say that consistently walking in the morning can improve blood circulation, increase oxygen supply in the body, and boost immunity.

In summary, making a habit of morning walks not only helps prevent several health issues but also enhances mental well-being and physical fitness, contributing to a longer and healthier life.