Why was a joint session not called for Kashmir? questions Sherry Rehman



Islamabad, OCT 27 – Addressing a press conference, Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said, “We were expecting that a special session of the Parliament would be held to express solidarity with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters on Black day but shockingly this government did not think that it is important to have one”.

“When it comes to matters of national importance and security, we all are on the same page. During PPP’s tenure, we held a joint session for Kashmir. But this namaloom sarkar is least bothered. The parliament is just being used for their own ulterior motives. Our parliament is being insulted and bulldozed by this tabahi sarkar,” she added.

Rehman said, “When they wanted to pass draconian laws in the disguise of FATF, regular joint sessions were called. Then why not for Kashmir? It would have given a strong statement to the world. We spent three months working on FATF laws with our experts for the greater good of our country and people. PPP knows how to get it done as we have removed Pakistan from the grey list before also but this government was all about theatrics. It is shocking that they are applauding each other despite being on the grey list”.

“ICRG has also recommended that Pakistan be retained on the grey list, given its failure to completely implement the 27-point action plan. The government is so busy focusing on jailing opposition politicians that they are not focusing on other serious issues like taking the parliament in confidence and removing Pakistan from the grey list,” she added.

The Senator said, “It is not the opposition’s job but despite that all of us are standing together to give hope to our country. Instead of addressing serious issues like inflation, high food prices, new polio cases, circular debt, load shedding, gas shortage and increased medicine prices; taqseem sarkar is keeping people distracted by their circus”.

“There is an anticipated shortage of wheat this year in the wake of a shortfall in the output. Wheat and sugar are being hoarded and PM’s cronies are benefitting but NAB is just reserved for the opposition. Pakistan was made completely wheat-secure by the last PPP government. When asked about the wheat shortage, PM appears clueless. Why, is he not running the country? If the government is importing wheat to meet the shortfall than why did they export it in the first place? Is any thought and planning going in running this country?” she questioned.

She said, “Tiger force has been unleashed on people without any legal mandate and media voices are being silenced. Wheat is being sold at 70 rupees per kilo, tomatoes for 180 and onions for 80 rupees per kilo. How can people from low income households afford these basic necessities? Roti and naan are also out of their reach. Is this the Naya Pakistan that they have been promising us?”.

Parliamentary Leader of the PPP in the Senate, Senator Sherry Rehman said, “PTI government held Islamabad hostage for 126 days but we will not let them hold Pakistan hostage now. Who is running the country because PM Khan is certainly not? They need to get off their containers and must answer the country as to what they have done. PTI government can not get away with their incompetence for long. They must respect the Parliament”.

Senator Raza Rabbani, Senator Maula Bux Chandio, Senator Sassui Palijo, Senator Dr Sikandar Mandhro and Senator Rubina Khalid were also present at the press conference.