Wife of Vietnamese ambassador goes missing in Islamabad

Wife of Vietnamese ambassador goes missing in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD, JUN 1: In a concerning development, the wife of the Vietnamese ambassador has been reported missing in Islamabad. The ambassador himself contacted the police helpline 15 to report his wife’s disappearance.

Confirming the call from Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Tien Phong, a police spokesperson acknowledged the seriousness of the situation.

According to the ambassador, his wife went for a routine walk at 11am, but did not return home. Adding to the worry, her mobile phone was switched off, hindering communication attempts.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police swiftly initiated a search operation to locate the missing individual. The spokesperson assured that the City superintendent of police (SP City) was personally monitoring the matter, emphasizing the priority placed on resolving the situation and ensuring the safety of the ambassador’s wife.

Efforts are underway to gather any possible leads and information to aid in the search and reunite the ambassador’s wife with her family. The authorities urge anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

Police officials have explained that separate teams of operation and investigation divisions have been formed to locate the missing woman. “The investigation is being carried forward from the angle of domestic issues,” they said, adding that the operations DIG and SSP were personally monitoring the investigation.