Women empowerment has a positive impact on economy and generations


Islamabad (DNA) – Riffat Malik, & Amin Ullah Baig Vice Presidents of FPCCI said that women business owners continue to face constraints to growth that puts them on an uneven playing field from their male counterparts. The acute social, economic, and security challenges, lack of access to professional networks and poor access to capital remain key obstacles to growth for women entrepreneurs in the country. Women-led businesses need to be supported to venture for export and flourishing domestic Trade. Economic development is not possible without the development of women. They were addressed to the participants of the International Conference on Pakistan Export Potentials-Women Led Business in Islamabad.

Ms. Riffat Malik Vice President of FPCCI emphasized that Women Entrepreneurs should enhance their skills in the IT sector, and find ways how they can promote their business. “Women entrepreneurs can earn substantial income from their business pitches on social media sitting at home, so it is important for women entrepreneurs to come forward in the field of information technology”, she said, adding that now it is the era of information technology and everything is moving online so without its use, development is not possible anymore. She further said that women entrepreneurs faced social, economic, and family irritants while running their businesses. She said despite this, women have a large number of successful business stories. She said that she has devoted herself to promoting women’s entrepreneurship and resolving the problems of women-led businesses domestic and also ventures for export in international markets.

Riffat Malik added that The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Industry and Commerce (FPCCI) is the premier organization supporting entrepreneurs and professionals peoples. “FPCCI want to ensure that the women work with confidence and equal rights along with men in every sector of the economy.” The apex trade body FPCCI advocated hiring women workforce in every industry & had been striving to promote entrepreneurship in the country by supporting women entrepreneurs. She stresses the role of women in social, economic, and political development and called on the Government & authorities concerned to take necessary measures for empowering women. so that women can play a significant role in social entrepreneurship development.

Amin Ullah Baig Vice President of FPCCI said that there is a dire need to inculcate self-confidence and self-belief in the female youth leaders to improve the participation of women in the future of Pakistan’s economic stability. Women in Pakistan have infinite potential, they just need opportunities to channel their potential and talent into a successful future. The economic empowerment of women requires legislation for ease of doing business and to provide them a conducive economic environment, women of Pakistan have an essential role in national development. Moreover, the role of women in education and other fields is commendable. Therefore, women’s empowerment should be encouraged. Therefore, women are requested to come forward in business; full support will be given from the platform of the Federation Chamber, He added.

Amin Baig added that FPCCI is committed to the development of the next generation of women entrepreneurs and business leaders and we are focusing on women micro-entrepreneurs and other neglected sectors,” women workers perform as good as male workers and in some instances, they even outperform them. Therefore, if all the businesses start hiring women on an equal opportunity basis, they will not be disappointed at all. FPCCI would continue to support female entrepreneurs, as economic expansion and prosperity of the country were closely linked to the success of women. Women empowerment has a positive impact on the economy and the generations; therefore it should be given top priority.