World Humanitarian Day 2023 Int’l Rescue Committee

World Humanitarian Day
World Humanitarian Day

August 19, 2023 – Today, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) commemorates World Humanitarian Day. As the IRC reaches our 90th anniversary, we share our immense gratitude and respect for humanitarian workers – including IRC staff and volunteers – who continue to deliver crucial support and assistance on the frontlines of the world’s most challenging crises.

“This World Humanitarian Day takes on special significance as the International Rescue Committee celebrates our 90th anniversary. We were founded in 1933 by people who stepped forward in the face of danger to confront adversity and impunity, and to offer hope and assistance to those in need. Nearly a century later, our 40,000 staff and volunteers all over the world continue to carry on this legacy and dedicate their lives to this cause.

Humanitarians have no other purpose than to save and protect lives and deliver the basic necessities of life, they stand shoulder to shoulder with the communities they serve and bring hope.

Throughout its 90-year journey globally and 40 years in Pakistan, the IRC has pioneered innovative approaches to address complex challenges. From providing critical medical care, safe water, education, and protection for displaced populations to promoting sustainable development and rebuilding shattered communities

“The IRC pays tribute to our colleagues in their unyielding compassion, resilience, and commitment to catalyzing change in times of crisis.

From delivering essential medical services, safe water, education, and protection to people who are displaced, their impact spans over 40 countries and reaches some of the world’s most inaccessible areas, often at great risk to their safety.

As we reflect on these collective efforts that have reshaped lives, the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers and civilians is paramount to ensuring support can reach all the people we serve.”