World must probe Indian so-called clarification on supersonic projectile crash into Pakistan: Dr Moeed


                ISLAMABAD, Mar 11 (APP):National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr. Moeed Yusuf on Friday demanded the world community to probe the Indian so-called clarification on supersonic projectile crash into Pakistan as it directly threatened the civilian lives who were airborne in commercial airlines during the high speed object’s flight at 40,000 feet height.

Addressing an important media briefing in the backdrop of Indian supersonic projectile object crash into Pakistan on March 9 and India’s Ministry of Defence explanation of the incident after three days of the event, he said Pakistan has repeatedly told the world that Indian Modi regime was moving on a fascist ideology that did not act on any logic rather jeopardizes stability of the region and it’s people.

Dr Moeed said India did not bother to take Pakistan into confidence before launching such hi tech object.

“The supersonic projectile traveled on March 9th, from India traveling at 40,000 feet covered an area over 250 km and landed inside Pakistani territory. It has taken more than two days for India to accept that this was their missile launched ostensibly due to a technical malfunction during maintenance,” he mentioned.

The NSA underscored that India used to make unnecessary and concocted criticism on Pakistan at global fora where the global community should investigate and take

India to task for it’s responsible conduct.

“It should be investigated by the world either it was any sinister plot of India behind this incident,” he urged the world fraternity.

The NSA said India had become a huge threat for the region and the world as it could not control it’s defence assets.

There had been repeated incidents of uranium thefts reported in India where people were caught on road carrying the radioactive nuclear material, he said, adding “Can India be a responsible nuclear state?”

He noted that the same Modi regime in 2019 carried out bombardment on another nuclear state of Pakistan. “But thanks to Almighty Allah the received a befitting response and the intruding Indian jets were given a crushing response.”

He extended his gratitude while revealing the fact that no life and property losses were reported in the impact area where the projectile crashed.

Dr Moeed said India has become a serious threat, after this incident, for the entire world and it should not considered as an ordinary issue as the projectile was not a toy that traveled over a long distance and crashed into Pakistani territory.