You are ‘becoming weaker’ by eating this common food

You are 'becoming weaker' by eating this common food

A new study has raised alarm for people who like to eat ultra-processed foods with some of the good having worse impacts on your health, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A separate research in the British Medical Journal suggested that around 60% of the energy source of Americans comes from ultra-processed foods.

The items include snacks, carbonated beverages, noodles, ready meals and the ones having a long list of unrecognisable ingredients and preservatives, reported Newsweek.

The intake of such food is making people prone to unhealthy lifestyles, rendering them vulnerable to different neurological, cardiovascular and other diseases.

The current study has also revealed that it is making people weaker or frail.

It is a condition that affects around 15% of adults aged 65 and over in the US, associated with a reduction in the ability to respond and adapt to activity and injury, a reduction in muscle strength, increased vulnerability to stressors, and various other changes in physique.

The study, led by Teresa Fung at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, revealed: “Ultra-processed food [servings per day] was directly associated with risk of frailty,” the researchers write. “We found a higher frailty risk with each serving per day of artificial and sugar-sweetened beverages; fat, spreads, and condiments; yogurt and dairy-based desserts; and other ultra-processed foods.”

“Our research highlights the significant impact of diet on frailty risk in older women,” a researcher wrote.

“This suggests that it’s not just what we eat, but the level of food processing that may play a crucial role in aging and physical function.”