Young Pakistani elites with higher education vow to promote CPEC


BEIJING, : Young Pakistani elites with higher education reiterated their commitment to promote CPEC with their hard work, according to a report carried by Gwadar Pro on Wednesday. 

As a young lad growing up in Punjab,  Mohsin Uddin remembered tracking news of the establishment of CPEC with friends throughout their college years. 

He vividly recalled that “the final establishment of CPEC was such an encouraging news” since China is in a leading position in his research field.

“I always knew that contributing my knowledge to Pakistan’s development was my destiny. The establishment of CPEC made me believe that more learning opportunities were ahead of me, and my chance of finding a desired job after graduation increased.” Uddin told Gwadar Pro.

Now a 26-year-old chemical engineer, Mohsin Uddin, has realized his dream. He is now devoting himself to the country’s energy security and became a chemical engineer at Thar Coal Block I Coal-Electricity Integration Project. In the process, he has become one of the outstanding staff of CPEC projects in 2021.

Several hundred miles away, Sindh, another driven, hardworking young gentleman, Syed Abdul Samad Shah, shared a similar, yet different process of deciding his career. “I had never thought that one day I would be a part of CPEC”, Samad said. 

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from China’s Changsha University of Science & Technology in 2016, Samad has his career path clearly planned: to find a job that matches his major and continue an in-depth study.

“I have been eager to learn since I was young. I think one of the key reasons for me landing as an engineer at Three Gorges Second Phase Wind Power Projects was my desire to learn.” Samad said, “Moreover, I am passionate about participating in Pakistan’s development. I’m glad to say that working at Three Gorges Second Phase Wind Power Projects turns out to be my way of contributing to the prosperity of Pakistan.”

Syed Abdul Samad Shah told Gwadar Pro that his job “extends his wings widely”. The job opportunity has brought him the utmost positive impact in terms of knowledge, learning and self-actualization. In 2021, he was also rewarded as the outstanding staff of CPEC projects.

The latest data suggested that CPEC has generated around 75,000 jobs for locals in Pakistan. Chinese labor makes up only 17.5% of the total number of laborers currently working on CPEC while 82.5% labor includes Pakistani citizens. More and more youngsters in Pakistan with higher education are contributing to the socioeconomic uplift of Pakistan through CPEC.

Pakistani youth never shy away from the burden of improving Pakistan’s wellbeing. Time and again, more and more youngsters were encouraged to step out of their comfortable zone and do something extraordinary for the country. Samad and Mohsin are definitely celebrated examples.

Samad was involved in multiple tasks related to Three Gorges Second Phase Wind Power farm till its commercial operation. As a rising star of the company, he joined the early negotiation of EPA with Government authorities, participated in the bidding for engineers, took part in supervising the project’s civil, mechanical & electrical works at site. Through joint efforts, the project was successfully put into operation in June 2018.

“I believe in hard work,” Samad said. The reporter learnt that he always showed up early at work, and worked continuously under extreme heat. “No pain no gain I guess, I felt that my knowledge and experience have skyrocketed. “

Mohsin’s duty is to test the quality of lubricating oil and fuel,which enables the successful operation of equipment at Thar Coal Block I Coal-Electricity Integration Project. “Good operation of equipment will increase the country’s coal production and power generation. Serving the country through my knowledge of chemical engineering is my proudest experience.” After years of practice, Mohsin can tell whether the lubricating oil and fuel was at its top quality through a glimpse. “I believe that people should treat their life and dreams with a serious altitude- just like in chemical science, a sincere scientist got to be precise and diligent!”

According to data released by CPEC Authority, a total of 2950 jobs were created during the construction of these 2 projects. Many of the employees were young and highly educated.

“My colleague, a young female engineer from China, taught me a lot. Whenever I had thoughts and doubts, she would sit down and brainstorm with me, and she always encouraged me to think outside the box.” The 26-year chemical engineer, Mohsin, told the reporter. 

“We came from a different cultural background, and spoke different languages, but after years of cooperation, we can understand each other without words.”

Friendly working environment is also experienced by Samad, “I appreciate the opportunity to learn and work with the best in my field! Moreover, I admire the Chinese workers’ sacrifices for living and working in a foreign country. I was an international student, so I knew what it was like to be far away from home.”

The cultural exchange opportunities brought by CPEC is another aspect that attracts young people.

By the end of the interview, both Samad and Mohsin expressed their firm confidence in CPEC. Needless to say, their success has been the result of hard work and professionalism. CPEC offered a platform for them to shine.