Your silence is terrorism: Amir Khan doubles down on pro-Palestine stance, calls for donations

Your silence is terrorism: Amir Khan doubles down on pro-Palestine stance, calls for donations

ISLAMABAD, OCT 15: Renowned former boxer Amir Khan has made yet another passionate and heartfelt call for action, using his platform to draw attention to the ongoing crisis in Palestine. In a series of powerful statements, Khan expressed his frustration and disappointment with those who have remained silent in the face of the tragic events in the region.

“Nearly 2000 Palestinians murdered in a few days, over 500 children, over 300 women. Your [prayers] for everyone’s statements had an equal effect [as that of] all lives matter, and the prayers were surely only for those you consider human. It’s not enough to make a lukewarm, tragically neutral statement,” began Khan.

He further said, “Separate the colonizer from the colonized, point to the imbalance. Politicize these deaths – every death is inherently political, do not misrepresent anyone’s corpse with your fear or desire for brand alignment. Those of you who use Arab and Muslim vernacular for decoration and aesthetics, to inform some identity or career, your silence is shameful.”

Not holding back, Khan slammed all those who chose certain narratives to further their careers whilst remaining silent when the world needed those voices the most. “Your silence is terrorism,” he stated. “Especially when it matters. Takes balls and so many big hitters/influencers /role models have gone silent or deleted posts.” He questioned scathingly, “What are you afraid of? Losing friends or a pound/dollar?”

Amid his call for action, Khan shared that his foundation, the Amir Khan Foundation, is actively working with a local team to provide food, aid, and shelter to those affected in Palestine. He encouraged people to support these efforts by donating through the foundation’s website.

In a previous tweet, he shared point-blank how he believed people were “scared to show their support for Palestine.” Regardless, he stated that “Palestinian lives matter” and “the world will remember who spoke up and who didn’t.”

Khan’s impassioned statements serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of raising one’s voice in the face of injustice and human suffering, regardless of the consequences or fears of backlash. His stance on the Palestinian crisis has resonated with many, and it remains to be seen how his message will inspire others to take a more active role in addressing these urgent humanitarian concerns.