10 Afghan workers injured in explosion at brick kiln in Iran

10 Afghan workers injured in explosion at brick kiln in Iran

KABUL: According to the state media in Iran, 10 Afghan workers were injured in an explosion at a brick kiln in Fars province of the country.

The head of emergency services in Fars attributed the explosion to gas leakage, stating that six individuals suffered severe burns and one sustained head injuries due to the force of the blast.

According to Mohammad Javad Moradian, these 10 individuals have been transferred to Shahid Motahari Hospital in Marvdasht city, Fars province, where doctors are working to treat the injured.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 12th, and as of now, there have been no reported fatalities.

A significant number of Afghans who have migrated to Iran work under harsh conditions due to restrictions imposed by the Islamic Republic.

Furthermore, Afghan refugees in Pakistan face similar challenges, with many living in overcrowded camps with limited access to basic amenities and healthcare.

Additionally, both Iran and Pakistan have been forcibly deporting Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan, despite the precarious security and economic situation in the country.