Biden warns Iran: Don’t attack Israel

Biden warns Iran: Don’t attack Israel

WASHINGTON, APR 13: On Friday, the US President addressed Iran’s military threat against Israel, stating his message to the Islamic Republic is “Don’t do this.”

Joe Biden commented on the imminent Iranian attack on Israel, saying, “I expect it to be sooner rather than later.”

He further stated on Friday, 12th April, “We are committed to defending Israel; we will support Israel. We will help defend Israel, and Iran will not succeed.”

Earlier, US officials suggested Iran might attack Israel with dozens of missiles on Friday.

Two US officials told CBS News that Iran is likely to launch over 100 drones and dozens of missiles toward military targets inside Israel.

Israeli officials stated readiness for any potential attack.

Meanwhile, two senior US officials said on Friday that the country is deploying more troops to the Middle East to prepare for a potential Iranian attack on Israel or the West.

They said the US is concerned about the possibility of Iran attacking its bases in Iraq and Syria.

The White House National Security Council spokesman also stated that Iran’s threat of retaliatory strikes against Israel is “real, credible, and executable.”

In recent days, tensions between Iran and Israel have surged, exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The situation intensified further when Israel launched an attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, resulting in the deaths of seven Iranian citizens.

The escalation of hostilities has deepened concerns about the potential for further violence between the two nations. The attack on the Iranian embassy has heightened tensions, raising questions about the possibility of retaliatory actions and the broader implications for regional stability.