11th death anniversary of Former PDF Khaksar leader


By Nazir Siyal / DNA

KARACHI: Countrywide events to pay rich tributes to former Pakistan Democratic Front (PDF) leader of Khaksar Tehreek late Engineer Hamiddudin Ahmed Ibn Allama-Mashriqi on his 11th death anniversary here at various locations on Sunday.

Former Chief Khaksar Tehrik late Engineer Hamiddudin Ahmed Al-Mashriqi, was died of cardiac arrest on January 10, 2010 at the age of 54. He was born on November 16, 1956 in Lahore Ichraa. He was graduated from Mehran University Jamshoro Sindh and decided to work for Khaksar Tehreek to reorganize, he was elected as Chief Khaksar Tehreek on 1993 and further unanimously selected Qaid Khaksar Tehreek Pakistan at Meenar-e-Pakistan 2-day Khaksar Camp.

Khaksar Tehrik activists, educationists, Journalists and politicians all over country organized events to pay rich tributes on his services and recitation of Holy Quran here at Karachi, Larkana, Ratodero-Dhamra, Lahore, Gujranwala, Havellian, Kot Radha Kishn, Phalia and other parts.

Khaksar Tehreek leaders, civil society workers threw lights on the rendered services of Hamiddudin Ahmed Al-Mashriqi for the workers, bonded labour and national issues, particularly, struggle for the hunger strikes, struggle during national movement for the restoration of Chief Justice of Pakistan’s long March, and Jailed in Attock and Kot Luckhpat also.

In a Karachi event paid rich tributes by the Khaksar Tehreek Chief Innayatullah Zaighum Al-Mashriqi, he also lauded the role of Hamiddudin Ahmed, said that his political struggle for price hike and others was to change the political view.

Hammiddudin Ahmed Al-Mashriqi was active Pakistan Democratic Front (PDF) leader of Khaksar. According to him, every coming government should take steps for reforms in society and ensure the accountability at every stage and institutions for the proper services and development, otherwise the nation will suffer in future.

Khaksar leader had vision that political awareness in mass should be created with honesty and true aspects of democratic struggle for constitutional change and social change for healthy revolution in country.

Late Hammiddudin mostly struggle and stressed about reforms not only in education, health and society for positive change, but the political ideology and vision of the nation. He was view that it is a disappointing that every coming government not serious and observed lukewarm response all times will harm country solidarity.

Khaksar Tehreek late leader always fight for the rights of masses and emphasized representation in the parliament, as per 80 percent lower class, 15 percent middle and only 5 percent elite class participation in the provincial and national Assemblies.

In the end Khaksar Tehrik leaders, workers, civil society, advocates, educationists, journalists, friends paid Salami to Hammiddudin Ahmed Al-Mashriqi.=DNA