A Beacon of Hope for Overseas-Pakistanis Concerned About Their Families’ Well-being Back Home


A Beacon of Hope for Overseas-Pakistanis Concerned About Their Families’ Well-being Back Home

New York, USA —More than 10 million Pakistanis currently live abroad, and many have family members back home who will face serious medical problems at some point.

When a parent or loved one receives a worrisome diagnosis, Pakistani ex-pats have two choices.

They can either rush back to Pakistan to help, or they can put their faith in a precarious medical system where patient-to-doctor ratios are high, and medical errors continue to haunt family members.

A group of U.S., U.K., and Canadian medical doctors—all Pakistani expats—have developed a third alternative.

Human-Healthcare.com has assembled a team of top-notch physicians and nurses, drawn largely from the prestigious medical schools to provide regular, tailored treatment to the family members of Pakistanis living abroad.

Human Healthcare improves the patient-to-doctor ratio 10 times over the average in Karachi, providing both prevention and treatment strategies at their homes.

Additionally, the onsite team in Pakistan collaborates with specialists in the U.S. and the U.K., and they provide thorough health reporting so expats can oversee their family members’ care from anywhere in the world.

“Families no longer need to navigate through the rough traffic, endure long waiting room times, or face rushed doctor visits and unreliable clinical consultations.

With Human-Healthcare.com, patients can avoid the inconvenience of frequent visits to labs for blood work. This unique healthcare service offers overseas Pakistanis the peace of mind that their loved ones back home are receiving the highest quality of care.”, said Atif Zafar, the co-founder of the startup.

Atif Zafar who was trained at the Cleveland Clinic recently moved as the Chief of Stroke Program in Toronto.

A False Cancer Diagnosis Sparks an Idea

Dr. Atif Zafar, Neurologist and Co-Founder of Human Healthcare, came up with the idea after his mother received a cancer diagnosis in Karachi.

Wracked with guilt, he decided to abandon his medical training in the U.S. and fly to Karachi to guide her through the complex maze of treatment options.

Before he left, two physician friends in Karachi suggested he stay put while they arranged for follow-up tests and appointments with Oncologists.

They reviewed past scans and discovered that her uterine mass was merely a benign growth. Treatment would have done more harm than good.

Where Is Human Healthcare Available?

Human Healthcare has opened operations in Karachi and plans to expand to all major cities in Pakistan by the end of 2023.

About Human-Healthcare.com: Human-Healthcare.com provides quality, personalized healthcare to family members of Pakistanis living abroad.

Press Contact: Dr. Atif Zafar, Co-Founder, Neurologist

Email: atif@human-healthcare.com

WhatsApp: +1.319.936.3574