Action against traders in the name of inflation unjustified: Ajmal Baloch


ISLAMABAD, /DNA/ – Ajmal Baloch President of All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran and Traders Action Committee Islamabad , Secretary and Convener Traders Committee ICCI Khalid Chaudhry has said that the government has increased the price of petrol, gas, electricity and dollar and  Due to high prices, traders are under threat of the administration and their shops have been raided and jailed and heavy fines have been imposed.  The administration should take action against the government responsible for the rise in prices. Even after flour and gas became expensive, the administration did not increase the rate of bread but arrested several traders and sent them to jail.  Which makes the shopkeepers angry.  Transportation has become more expensive. The price of animal feed has gone up. However, it is still insisted that milk should be sold at the same rate as two years ago.  Justice is expected from the government, the administration should immediately call a meeting of the price control committee and market representatives and re-determine the prices of food items, milk, bread and meat, unilateral actions should be stopped and the administration should refrain from oppression.  Otherwise traders will be forced to protest.