Afghan female journalist seeks immediate asylum 

Afghan female journalist seeks immediate asylum 

From Our Correspondent 

PESHAWAR: A female Afghan journalist Fershita Azizi requested United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for provision of asylum in western world as pending since Taliban takeover on 15 August 2021, on Monday.

She requested while talking to media personnel and claimed that she fled Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover on August 15, 2021, and is now facing numerous challenges in Pakistan. Despite her efforts to seek asylum in a Western country through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

The female journalist worked with various organizations in Afghanistan, promoting women’s rights and freedom of expression. However, after the Taliban takeover, she was forced to flee to Pakistan with her elderly mother, leaving behind her home, livelihood, and colleagues. 

In Pakistan, she is struggling to survive, facing numerous obstacles, including difficulty obtaining a visa, limited access to healthcare, and inadequate living condition, she claimed.

Fershita has applied for asylum in a Western country through the UNHCR, but her application has been delayed due to bureaucratic hurdles. She has appealed to the UNHCR and other Western embassies and organizations to grant her political asylum on an emergency basis, citing her deteriorating health condition and the risks she faces as a female journalist and activist.

Fershita is living in a rented house in Peshawar with her mother. She has limited financial resources and is struggling to access basic necessities like healthcare and food.

 She has urged the Pakistani government to simplify the visa process for Afghan refugees like her, who are waiting to be resettled in other countries.