AJK president hails Malaysian PM for bold stand on Kashmir


ISLAMABAD JAN 21 (DNA): The Azad Jammu & Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan, on behalf of the people of Pakistan and Kashmir, has appreciated the Malaysian political leadership for adopting categorical stand on Kashmir, and openly supporting the Kashmiri people.

He was talking to a high-level Malaysian delegation which called on him here on Tuesday.

Sardar Masood Khan recalled that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, while addressing the UN General Assembly session, had stated that India’s actions of August 5 were an assault on Jammu and Kashmir, and that India was an aggressor country.

The AJK president paid glowing tributes to Mahathir for rejecting the Indian threats of suspension of trade relations, and remaining firm on his stand on Kashmir. “Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad recently took the Indian government task over the Citizenship Amendment Bill, and strongly condemned this action by India,” he added.

He also appreciated leader of the delegation Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid, and said that Azmi had played an important role in establishing Malaysia’s close relations with Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. It was by virtue of the efforts of Azmi that an ASEAN parliamentary delegation had paid a visit to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir recently, he said and welcomed the visiting delegation’s efforts for stabilizing trade, cultural and youth to youth contacts between Pakistan and Malaysia.

Sardar Masood Khan said that initiatives can be taken for access to Malaysian markets because Azad Kashmir produces the best kind of applies, mangoes, apricot and walnuts as well as Handicrafts and shawls of Kashmir.

On this occasion, leader of the delegation Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid said that Malaysia considers Kashmir as an important part of the Muslim ummah. “We put forward our proposals to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad from time to time, and are also touch with the Foreign Office as to how can we help our Kashmiri brethren.

He also proposed setting up of Malaysia-Kashmir cultural center at Muzaffarabad, and introduction of Kashmiri products in Malaysia.

On this occasion, the Kashmiri-Kashmir cultural the president of Malaysia-Kashmiri forum said that we are working in Malaysia to acquainted with Kashmir issue, and are also trying to bring the young generations of Malaysia and Kashmir close to each other.

He maintained that these contacts will strengthen Kashmir cause, and the people of both the regions will become prosperous.