Balochistan population touches 21.7 million mark


ISLAMABAD, MAY 29 (DNA) — The population of Balochistan has increased by 76 percent to 21.7 million according to the results of the 2023 digital census. The population of Balochistan was 12.3 million according to the 2017 census.

The increase in population rate in Balochistan is the highest compared to other provinces. “No correct census was conducted in Balochistan from 1998 to 2017,” Census Commissioner Noor Ahmad Perkani said.

“Census was boycotted in some areas of Balochistan in 1998 while the census in 2017 was controversial. Both Sindh and Balochistan had objections to the 2017 census,” he added. “Since the 2017 census was controversial, the census was conducted again in 2023 after five years.

 Due to the bad law and order situation in the past, no proper census could be conducted in some areas,” he stated. “The increase in the population of Balochistan is seen because a census has not been conducted in the province for a long time,” he maintained.

“We are grateful to the federal government and the Bureau of Statistics for providing adequate time for the census in the province,” he said. — DNA