Mehmoodur Rasheed, Jamshed Dasti reiterate resolve to stand firm with IK


LAHORE, MAY 29 (DNA) — Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Mehmoodur Rasheed and Jamshed Dasti on Monday reiterated that they stand with former prime minister Imran Khan and his party.

Speaking to media after his court appearance, the former Punjab minister Mehmoodur Rasheed lamented the police action against “thousands of innocent people, including youth, students, and professionals”.

Mr Rasheed said, “They are being treated inhumanely. Every day there is a new case, and then there is a remand.”  Earlier, Rasheed reiterated his commitment to the party, saying he would support former prime minister Imran Khan till the end.

In a video shared on the party’s official Twitter account, Mr Rasheed said, “I can’t even think of leaving either PTI or Imran Khan.” He said, “We have stood firmly together till now and we will stand together till the end. However, anyone who wants to leave the party can do so”.

Meanwhile, PTI leader Jamshed Ahmad Dasti on Monday vowed to stand beside party chief Imran Khan as the party was seeing series of quits over May 9 attacks. Taking to Twitter after meeting Mr Khan, he wrote, “I am standing beside Mr Khan and there is no question of bidding adieu to the party. Some of the quitters are either compelled [to do so] or businessmen. Mr Khan is not under stress and this time shall pass”. — DNA