Book titled “Pakistan Sign Language’ launched in Islamabad


Federal Secretary for Human Rights lauds the spirit of the people working on the project


ISLAMABAD: The sign language book “Pakistan Sign Language” was launched at the National Institute of Special Education, Islamabad. The Chief Guest at the event was the Federal Secretary for Human Rights. In his address, he lauded the spirit of the people working on the project.

He highlighted the policies for the welfare and education of persons with disabilities, and assured support for the implementation of the existing policies by the government. In his speech, he emphasized the need for co-operation between parents, societies, special and general educational institutions in the education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, as well as in the preparation of a sign language book for the deaf.  He also appreciated the efforts of the participating sign language experts from all over Pakistan.

He further said that language is a mean of communication for human beings without which human beings cannot maintain economic and social cohesion in the society and he expressed the hope that this sign language would be the source of communication in the society for Hearing Impaired people. He further dilated that necessary arrangements may be made for the dissemination of copies of the book all over Pakistan to the people concerned.

He said that this book would not only make the society aware of the abilities of the Hearing Impaired people but would also help them to be included in all walks of life.

The Director General of Special Education thanked the Chief Guest for coming to the reception and outlined the aims and objectives of the book and the role of the Directorate General of Special Education in education and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, and briefed participants of events about the steps taken by the Directorate for the education, rehabilitation and training of persons with disabilities.