BREAKING: International Court of Justice says Israel must stop genocide in Gaza

BREAKING: World's top court declines to allow Israel's plea to throw out Gaza genocide case

ICJ delivers verdict with 15-2 majority; US, Israeli judge oppose; Court rules it has jurisdiction to hear cases against Israel under genocide convention; Tel Aviv ordered to ensure humanitarian aid to Gaza people; wants Hamas to release hostages

World Court turns down Israel’s request to throw out Gaza genocide case UN judges in The Hague to decide whether to order Israel to suspend its military campaign in Gaza. Judge Donoghue says the ICJ notes that the military operation conducted by Israel has resulted in a large number of deaths and injuries, as well as massive destruction of homes, the forcible displacement of the vast majority of the population and extensive damage to civilian infrastructure.

ICJ president Judge Donoghue has said the court recognises the right of Palestinians in Gaza to be protected from genocidal acts.

ICJ president Judge Donoghue has said Palestinians appear to be a protected group under the Genocide Convention. ICJ president Judge Donoghue has said the court sees the risk of a worsening situation in Gaza.

ICJ president lists statements by Israeli officials on ‘dehumanising language’

On the issue of “dehumanising language” used against Palestinians, the ICJ president says the court has taken note of a number of statements made by senior Israeli officials, Al Jazeera reports.

It particularly called attention to statements by Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant in ordering a “complete siege” of Gaza and telling troops that they are fighting against “human animals”.

ICJ orders Israel to report to it within one month

The World Court has ordered Israel to take all measures within its power to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza, Reuters reports.

With the reading ongoing, the court said Israel must ensure its forces do not commit genocide and take measures to improve the humanitarian situation.

Israel must report to the court within a month on what it’s doing to uphold the order.

ICJ orders Israel to take measures to prevent, punish direct incitement of genocide

The ICJ has ordered Israel to take measures to prevent and punish the direct incitement of genocide against Palestinians