Businessmen Panel wins FPCCI Elections got 8 seats and UBG received 4 seats


Karachi: In the annual elections-2021 of Federation of Pakistan and Industry (FPCCI) held here on Wednesday, both the presidential candidates got 178 votes each and its a tie, however Election Commission of the FPCCI reconsidered it’s decisions and took into account the intention of the voters, and by virtue of intention of voters, the commission declared Mian Nasser Hyatt Magoo as President FPCCI.

The Businessmen Panel (BMP), which is being led by its Chairman Main Anjum Nisar, got succeeded its candidate Khawaja Shahzeb Akram on Senior Vice President’s seat with 196 votes against 161 votes of his opponent Abdul Rauf Mukhtar from United Businessmen Group (UBG) headed by S.M.Muneer and Iftikhar Ali Malik as Patron-in-Chief and Chairman respectively.

BMP, which is the ruling group in FPCCI for the year 2020 too, also won six positions of vice presidents and UBG got four VPs for 2021 year.

Similarly both vice president candidates from capital area also tied up by getting four votes each which connects through toss.

Meanwhile, BMP’s two VPs one from Baluchistan quota were already declared elected un-opposed. They were Nasir Khan on the chambers’ seat and on Women Chamber-seat Ms. Farzana Ahmed Ali. Whereas, UBG’s Adeel Siddique had also been elected un-opposed from Sindh Chambers Class.

FPCCI is the apex trade body; having all Chambers of Commerce and trade associations representing different economic sectors from over the country as its members. The 187 trade bodies participated in FPCCI Elections on December 30th through their Executive Committee and General Body members.