CDA set a new standard in urban development

CDA allots 157 govt residences

ISLAMABAD, MAR 24 (DNA) — The Capital Development Authority (CDA) sets a new standard in urban development with the introduction of an SDG-11 Cell, marking a pioneering step towards sustainable and inclusive city planning. Under the leadership of a female Director, this initiative not only showcases CDA’s commitment to gender equity but also positions Islamabad as a beacon of progressive urban development.

The SDG-11 Cell, approved by the CDA Board, is poised to revolutionize city planning by aligning Islamabad’s development with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) – “Sustainable Cities and Communities”. With a focus on inclusivity, safety, resilience, and sustainability, the cell aims to set a precedent for urban development initiatives nationwide.

Furthermore, the appointment of a female  to lead the SDG-11 Cell underscores CDA’s dedication to fostering an inclusive work environment and promoting gender equity in decision-making roles. This milestone emphasizes CDA’s commitment not only to sustainable development but also to diversity and empowerment within the organization.

As the first housing authority to establish such a cell and appoint a female leader, CDA solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the field of urban planning. This initiative represents a significant leap towards creating vibrant, livable cities that prioritize the well-being of all residents. — DNA