Pakistan Navy ship rescues 8 Iranian fishermen at sea

Pakistan Navy ship rescues 8 Iranian fishermen at sea

KARACHI, MAR 24 /DNA/ – Pakistan Navy War Ship safely rescued 8 Iranian fishermen from open sea after uncontrollable fire occurred on their boat.

The distress call from Iranian fishing boat reported massive uncontrollable fire onboard for assistance to rescue the 8 member crew abandoning the boat.

PNS YARMOOK while operating in vicinity of the unfortunate boat, immediately dashed to handle the situation. Despite heavy fire on the vessel, PNS YARMOOK not only safely rescued all 8 crew members from the Sea but also controlled the fire onboard the blazing vessel by using its own modern firefighting equipment.

Rescue and humanitarian assistance operations by Pakistan Navy at International waters is a fine manifestation of vigilance and professionalism of PN. Pak Navy is committed and obligated to effectively ensure Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) inline with UNCLOS while safeguarding National Maritime frontiers.