Celebrating 5th February as Kashmir Day


Written By: Sayed Sajid Shah Bokhari

The case of Kashmir is a test case for the world.Since 1948.The ongoing confrontations and skirmishes in Kashmir had destroyed a scenic valley, in torubbles and debris. The brutal killing of 92000 Kashmiris could not stirthe world to recognize its status and found separate homeland for theKashmiris. The most ugly, immoral,illegal, unsocial act of India on 5th, August,2019to impose 370(1)(d)act on Kashmiries had further aggravated  the wounds of Kashmir.

 This act of desire to annex Kashmir to India has deprived the Kashmiris from their ancestral homeland forever. Subjected to various pretext and deteriorating the situation in Kashmir is still another drama staged by Indian.The Indian plan of changing the demographic status of Kashmir has disappointed the native of the land.The Kashmir liberation movements appeal to the world for self-determination and liberation of Kashmir from the illegal occupation by Indian force had no value at all and the apathy of the world could be seen extremely worst towards it,aAlthough the world is witnessed to the atrocities and human rights violation in Kashmir.

Still understanding the issue of Kashmir is very complex phenomenon in fact.Why the independence of Kashmir issue could not took spontaneous momentum and why, the world did not take notice of the barbaric and carnages activity is questionable?If the world is changing with the sole aim of freedom from Masters then why Kashmir is far behind the Goals.The world should have plan for weakest nation deprivation and there must be plan to revive the strategy for getting independence from Masters who had snatched the rights of people.Why the injustice to poor nations is part of the game planned by the Big powers(Russia,USA,French,China,UK)and how can we talk about social and human rights justice for all under the big nose of United Nation Organization as well? Just imagine how many resolutions had been passed in the premises of United Nation Organization for the freedom of Kashmir from the illegal occupation and what are its results??The dominance of countries having Veto power and their course of action shall not be ignored at all.

However in case of Ukraine attack by Russia must be seen from different angles.When last year in the month of February the Ukrainewas attacked by Russia,the world discourages the act.Still the American Block and the most powerful countries  of the world like Germany,Itlay,France and European Union has united  against Russian attack and they have formed alliances to boycott the Russian products and cut off every line right from their financial and economic bondages to communication. The NATO countries had also disconnected its links with Russian government and formed pressure groups to compel Russia to expedite the process of expulsion from Ukraine.

Why the world is not practicing the same policy in Kashmir and why there is diplomacy to keep Kashmir under the subjugation of India forever and under pressure?What is wrong with Kashmiris and why they could be punished for a voice they usually, raised to get their homeland being snatched and occupied by india with force.On 5thFebruary, every year the government of Pakistanraised, the Issue of Kashmir on international level, to sensitize the world for taking action against the Indian occupations and show carnages of forces united in Kashmir to genocide the race.The support from Pakistan and its people with Kashmiris had marvelous impacts on exposing the real face of India to the world.The brutal killing of innocent Kashmiris and their displacement might be the highest exodus after Syiria in the world.If stopping  Wars on the planet and bringing peace in the world could be the prime responsibility,of United Nation organization then why it has failed to achieve it in case of Kashmir?Just after the Second World War most of the countries in the world get independencein Africa and Asia. Even states of Pakistan and India were freed by Britain after a long struggle and sacrifices.At the same time more than 500 princely states in Indo pak weregiven authority  to joineither Pakistan or India.The state of Jammu and Kashmir under the Sikh ruler Raja Gulab Singh decided, against the wishes and will of Kashmiri people in accession to Pakistan and they annexed it to India .

Although more than 90% population were the Muslims but they were deprived of their right. Latter on a tough war was initiated between Pakistan and India on the same issue in 1948,1965,1971 and 1998.However,at the same time the United Nation organization  decided to stop the war while sending peace keeping forces to the region for settlement of the issue.It was decided that just after keeping peace in the region the people of Kashmir will decide their own future through  plebiscites.Still the solution of Kashmir lies in the hands of its people to join any state or form their own homeland but India through its huge force (0.1 Million Army) crushing every moment leading towards its goal of independence.

The Modi government is trying to change the Muslim Majority state in to Minority and transfer Hindues to Kashmir to increase their strength. Ban on Purchase of land and property and acquiring Hindus domicile for illegal occupation is increasing day by day. This has created panic amongst the Muslim community to deprive them from their homeland by force. It is a time for the world to realize the genuine problem of Muslims and to help them in acquiring their homeland. It is a time that world must discourage the snatchers to grab a land without the consent of natives.The UNO should fulfill its responsibility to follow and favor the resolutions for freedom of land and liberate Kashmir according to the will and consent of Kashmiries.

Thats why every year the Kashmir day is celebrated on 5th February to aware the international community about the human rights violation in the valley and to stand with Kashmiris for their genuine problem of getting their homeland.