NayraEshal / Student of First year OPF College Islamabad

In Pakistan class consciousness is all the more visible and, in a way, seems unbridgeable. The poor remains poor almost whole of his life and even this poverty lurks at generations. While the rich enjoys the luxuries of life and so his kids and pets too.

This has been going on for years and it does not seem stopping, at least, in the near future. The poor people and their kids nurture in their hearts a severe hatred for the affluent and even plot for avenging themselves for being bereft of the necessities.

Such destitute youth tend to adopt nefarious ways for materializing their wishes. They resort to unlawful means for this. The question arises is not it the duty of the government to take responsibility of this youth, which gets wayward when their talent is not utilized. They get rudderless and are likely to become a tool in the hands of anti-state elements.

It is the need of the hour that the talented poor young people must be skilled so that after completing their studies, they do not get frustrated when the jobs avenues are denied to them. More and more vocational institutes need to be opened where they must be trained free of cost alongside their formal education. Summer vacation is a ripe time to make them equipped with technical skills.

Likewise, the computer literacy is a must. The Government must take care of the fact that it opens IT institutes for such budding youth who cannot afford hefty fees at the private institutes. The students at college level from low source of income must be sent to such institutes to make them skilled in basic IT management tools.

Last and the most important fact is to emulate the successful nations and learn from their life styles. The reality will dawn upon us that the more successful a country is, the more proud it is on the language. And the simplicity in life is their hall mark. On the contrary in Pakistan, which is a struggling country, the people just fix the criteria of material opulence as the parameter for getting along with someone. The rest are simply looked down upon by others. This is highly lamentable. Great nations are proud of their language and culture and Pakistanis feel ashamed when their kids speak in mother language or national language. They spend thousands of rupees as fee for getting their kids enrolled in private English medium schools simply to attain the goal that their kid may speak fluently in English. We are a confused nation. We lack clarity and are directionless. We run after shadows and worship appearances. Big house, big car, expensive clothes are the criteria for ascertaining the worth of some one. In fact, they are not.

I wish the people of Pakistan may understand this reality that all the aforementioned superfluous things are not the parameter of being a gentleman. Allah Almighty likes modesty, simplicity and loves those who are generous in helping the have nots and the needy. The sooner we realize this, the better it would be for us all.