CPEC workers all ‘ambassadors’ of Pakistan-China


ISLAMABAD, April 22 (DNA): Pakistani and Chinese employees are all ‘ambassadors’ between Pakistan and China,” said Zulqarnain Haider, an outstanding Pakistani worker for a project under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), according  to a report published by Gwadar Pro on Friday. 

Haider, a financial manager of Matiari-Lahore ±660kV high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission project, under the framework of CPEC, has been working for this project for five years.

Haider is responsible for Accounts and Finance, supervising audits and leading tariff documentation team for tariff petition in National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

“I have issued more than 10,000 vouchers in the accounting software without any mistake. The outside auditors have not found a single error every year,” Haider told Gwadar Pro.   

“Until now, I have not taken the annual leave. As the project is in construction, the reporting requirements is a bit more. I must manage the things well. Even at the worst of the Covid-19 epidemic, I have insisted on completing the tasks assigned by the company,” said Haider. 

“I have successfully completed all audits of the company from the very beginning, which was a difficult task at the time because everything was new,” Haider added. 

“At the same time, I have also completed all the financial and other compliance work required for State Bank of Pakistan and SECP,” he said.

“Well for me it’s challenging at the beginning, so I tried my best to use my knowledge and experience for the best interest of my company. I have achieved them all. Now different accounting standards are applicable now,” said Haider.

“In addition, I keep updating International Financial Reporting Standards (applicable to our company) in order to prepare cost accounting statements, financial data and financial statements in accordance with the standards,” Haider added.  

Haider told Gwadar Pro he once participated in the design of accounting software by using his experience in the article and the applicable standard operating system.

Haider recalled that “During that week, my team and I worked 15 hours a day. Fortunately, we succeeded. So far, it has brought great convenience to our daily work.”

Haider said, “The day when we achieved the project’s commercial operation was a really emotional day for me. Despite of the COVID pandemic, we all worked and achieved our target successfully.”

Haider told Gwadar Pro, “It’s our responsibility to show people that these kinds of collaborations will give prosperity for both nations. We should teach people who have wrong assessment about CPEC.”