PMC to improve medical education system


            ISLAMABAD,:Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) is striving to improve healthcare education through the advancement of quality medical and dental education in Pakistan.

According to the PMC spokesperson, the healthcare regulator was setting benchmarks in line with global best practices to ensure quality healthcare for every citizen of our great nation.

He said that the PMC was working with determination and motivation to devise, place and implement all those policies which were in the larger interest of the nation and students.

He said that the next MDCAT test would be conducted national wide through its central computerized system.

The commission would soon announce the date for holding of next MDCAT test across the country, he added.

He advised the students and parents to avoid following unauthentic and misleading information and fake news about MDCAT.

It is pertinent to mention here that PMC already announced to change its policy of allowing only three National Licensing Exam (NLE) attempts as now there will be no limit to the number of attempts during the prescribed period of five years.

The spokesperson said that the Medical and Dental Council had duly approved modification in the National Licensing Exam policy requiring qualification of NLE to the extent that a student must qualify the NLE (Step 1 and Step 2, as applicable) within a maximum period of five years from the date of completion of house job or the first attempt, whichever is earlier.

He added the time limitation would not apply to applicants who already hold a foreign practitioners license.

He said that the PMC was making efforts to improve standards of healthcare delivery in Pakistan by fostering an environment that produced healthcare practitioners who imbibe the values of compassion, commitment, and excellence.