Crime rate in Capital declines during 2020


ISLAMABAD, JULY 04 (DNA): The first six months of the ongoing year saw a considerable decrease in overall crime in the Federal Capital due to effective policing measures, hard work of the personnel, their timely action against criminals and unique initiatives for improvement in performance.

Due to effective policy and timely action against criminals, the first

six months of the year saw a considerable decrease in overall crime in

the Federal Capital.

During the current year, the overall heinous crime has decreased by 24%.

The first six months’ crime reflects a major dip in the incidents of

dacoity and robbery/street crime which reduced by 52% and 30%


Incidents of vehicle theft have declined by 6% whereas burglary has been

reduced by 41%. During this period, Islamabad Police also had a

crackdown against drugs and illegal weapons evident by an increase of

47% and 19% in the recovery of illegal weapons and narcotics


In pursuance of directions of Mr. Aamir Zulfiqar Khan, the

Inspector General of Police, Islamabad, Operations Division has shown

considerable improvement in overall performance. Operations Division of

ICT Police made a strong crackdown against habitual offenders, criminal

gangs and drug peddlers resulting in decrease of crime.DNA