From Our Correspondent
PESHAWAR, JAN 15 /DNA/ – Mst Zainab a student of Economics in Kabul University was shot dead by unknown persons at Kabul city on Friday.
Reports pouring in Peshawar from Kabul reveal that Zainab was shot dead by unknown persons when she was disembarked from a taxi motor car near her home at Kabul city. So far no one claimed responsibility for killing the girl student.
Soon after Zainab murder, a number of female students and women rights activists have viraled their resentment through social media. They held no other than Taliban leaders responsible for Zainab murder as the Emirates Islami Afghanistan had failed in safeguarding lives of innocent war affected people of Afghanistan.
So far no any reaction was made by Taliban leaders. Media reports further reveal that Taliban always ecenorating their government  of such violent acts and holding Islamic States (IS) militants for target killing and other violent acts throughout Afghanistan. All such violent acts, especially target killing are believed to be the main reason for fleeing of people from Afghanistan.