EURO 2024 is the opening to big football that we really needed. The exciting victory against Ukraine drew attention to our footballers.

EURO 2024

Berlin, JUN 23: EURO 2024 showed us that if you put your heart, work, are serious and demonstrate all your worth on the field, you can succeed. The example of the match with Ukraine is eloquent. They started better, but became frustrated that they could not find the cipher to the defensive lock of Edi Iordănescu.
Stanciu opened the way for us, he showed us the way to a historic victory. Ukraine was pushed to the wrong side by a Burcă energized by the fans, by a Drăgușin with surgical timing in interventions, by a “Sonic” Ratiu with a heart as big as him and by an impeccable Bancu.
The millions paid by Chelsea for Mudryk or Arsenal for Zinchenko were pulverized by a Team that showed Europe that you can win 3-0 at the EURO and without Guardiolist exits from the defense. The attackers of Edi Iordănescu, Man, Coman, Mihăilă and Drăguș were penetrating, aggressive and efficient.

With Belgium, the problem data changed fundamentally, and the “yellow wall” in front of Nita was dismantled in 74 seconds. The plan to use Mihăilă as a starter instead of Coman was dynamited because the Belgians have quality and Bancu needed more help.
Man had that golden chance in the 68th minute, but the field was already tilted towards Niță’s goal. Free contract, the goalkeeper who played last season in Gaziantep blocked the Belgians as best he could. Edi Iordănescu knows that this was the match in which our team had the smallest chances and only had to win. The experience of a duel with De Bruyne, Lukaku or Vertonghen will be seen in time.
On Wednesday in Frankfurt, with Slovakia, we will fight for the eighth with a team of a level closer to ours. They have Lobotka, Skriniar, Duda or Schranz, but they are not Belgium or even Ukraine. We all know, from Bucharest to Bratislava, that a tie takes us together into the last eight. It remains to be seen if it will be possible to speak of a “Biscotto” , as the Italians deliciously call Calzona’s football tops.
The Romanian fan who enjoyed the resounding successes of the 90s experiences the frustration that we are now far from really important football. The Romanian fan who recently opened his eyes to football is part of the generation of fake smiles on Instagram and cannot find the De Bruyne filter to apply to Stanciu.
Unfortunately, fewer and fewer Romanians watch football with the intention of understanding it. The stadium is that magical place where you feel the pulse of a match, victories have a special taste and defeats strengthen characters. The connection between the national team and the fans was restored by this team of Edi Iordănescu, but it takes time and especially results to solidify it.

I spoke to many foreign journalists and fans in Germany. Everyone, without exception, congratulated me after the victory with Ukraine, but also after the defeat with Belgium. A Belgian journalist told me right before the match in Koln that he was afraid of us. That is, a man who follows De Bruyne every day is afraid of Marius Marin. This is the respect earned by the current generation of “tricolors”.
Moreover, an Italian came to me after the defeat against Belgium and said: ” You played well today, better than Italy in the first two matches “. Yes, Italy, the reigning European champion.
A German fan asked me if there was any truth to the talk of bringing Man to Borussia Dortmund. He is a Schalke supporter and was afraid of such a possibility because he considered Man a ” TGV that still needs a little confidence ” (I quoted him).
Another Turkish journalist asked me, after we talked about the EURO matches, what David Popovici is like as a person and he told me that he admires him a lot as a sportsman.
Yes, Romanian sport has possibilities and value. It remains for all of us to realize this more often.