Romania, 90 minutes away from qualifying for the round of 16 at euro 2024! Over who could give

Romania, 90 minutes away from qualifying for the round of 16 at euro 2024! Over who could give

Berlin, JUN 23: Romania lost last night, in Koln, to Belgium, with a score of 2-0, in the last match of the second stage of the EURO 2024 groups. Youri Tielemans and Kevin De Bruyne scored for the team ranked 3rd in the world, which climbed to 2nd place in the ranking of group E, tied on points with all other teams. Following this unprecedented situation in the group, the matches in the last stage of the groups can prove decisive in obtaining the tickets for the eighth, where Romania is rated with the second highest chance to qualify.

The “Tricolori” could enter the next phase of the competition even if they lose in the next match, against Slovakia, in which case it would depend, however, on the results of several groups. Instead, if they manage a win or at least a draw, they are guaranteed qualification.


If they finish in 1st place in the ranking of group E, the Romanians will face in the round of 16 a team that will qualify for the elimination stages of this final tournament from the third position, from groups A, B, C or D.At the moment, ahead of the games in the last stage, in the mentioned positions are Scotland, Albania, Slovenia and Austria.If the “tricolors” finish, however, in 2nd place in group E, they will play in the round of 16 against the team that will be in 2nd place in group D. This position is currently occupied by France, which is tied on points with the Netherlands.Didier Deschamps’ team still have to face Poland in the groups, already eliminated from this final tournament, while the Netherlands will play against Austria, and the statisticians believe that the Batavians will finish the groups in 2nd place. They will be the opponents of Romania, if it ranks second in group E, after the match against Slovakia.Instead, if they finish the group stage in 3rd place, Edi Iord─ânescu’s players will be able to face a favorite in the round of 16, Spain and England being among the possible opponents of the “tricolors”.The decisive matches for qualifying for the next phase of EURO 2024 in group E, Romania – Slovakia and Belgium – Ukraine, are scheduled for Wednesday, from 19:00, and will be broadcast in LIVETEXT format on and in the Eurosport application.