Five police stations awarded ISO certificates in Faisalabad


FAISALABAD, JUNE 12 / DNA / = Historical Honors in The Name of Faisalabad Police Five Police Stations Were Awarded ISO Certificates.

Police Station Culture Change The Claims Began to come true Pakistan’s third largest

And the other big ones of Punjab Of the industrial city 5 Performance of Police Station

 International ally Acclaimed For the first time in the history of the Country

 Awarded ISO 9001 certificate For the first time in the history of the country,

this award has been given to a police station of a city Operations against industrial city criminals

Also began to receive international acclaim 5 police stations in the city

Was awarded the ISO Certificate under the International Standards Organization

For the first time in the history of the country, this award has been given to the police stations of the industrial city CPO Faisalabad Captain Retired Muhammad Sohail Chaudhry said

Faisalabad police received instructions from IG Punjab Received this award in the light of

Which they are proud of Will try That other police stations in the city Also be ISO certified

We visited Punjab on the orders of IG The police station has been modeled to a great extent

 And CPO Says this That we want the friendship between the police and the people

The hatred against the police in the minds of the people is far away

We have been very successful in becoming people friendly ISO certified police stations

Police Station Gulberg, Police Station Glulam Muhammadabad, Police Station Dijkot,

Police Station Factory Area and  Police Station Fedmick . Included The police station which

was awarded the ISO award One of them is a police station We talked to all the inspectors

Police Station Factory Area Sub-Inspector Tanveer Milli said Similar actions should be

taken against criminal elements  So that the highways can be cleared of crime

And he said The police are proud of this international certificate And we will work with the people to end crime

Or the police station Received ISO award The police officer was happy

Keep congratulating another police officer And fed each other sweets